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    T. HutchinsonAshley S.Serena B.Monette P.
  • "We just wanted to say thanks again for such a great experience from NuFlow. From our first meeting with you to the final walk thru, everything went as promised. You were professional and clear with your initial presentation, your crew showed up on time for the scheduled work days and they were polite to us and respectful of our home. There was no damage to our home once your work was done. Most importantly we sleep better at night knowing we no longer need to worry about pinhole leaks in our pipes! We could not have been more pleased!"
    T. Hutchinson
    Irvine, CA
  • "I live in a community that is plagued with pinhole leaks. Some of my neighbors have had 5 pinhole leaks within 5 years! I knew I needed to protect my home before I had a leak, and so I called Nu Flow to get an estimate. Cameron from Nu Flow came out to provide an estimate and was very informative. We felt very confident in what his company had to offer, so we signed up! I'm glad we did! It was just as Cameron described: Francisco and his team were professional, clean, polite and completed my home in only 1.5 days! We couldn't be happier! Thank you Nu Flow!!"
    Ashley S.
    San Clemente, CA
  • "We live in Irvine and many of the homes in our neighborhood have had leaks in their homes from the copper pipes. I did quite a bit of homework, re-pipe or use a system like Nu Flow provides. The thought of having 100+ drywall holes put throughout my house was just not up my alley when we could coat the pipes. Met with Cameron of Nu Flow and thought about it for several months. With our home warranty expiring I knew we had to do something. Went with the Nu Flow system in July. The team was so professional and it looked like they had never been there; so tidy. Definitely made the right decision. Highly recommend this company and this method."
    Serena B.
    Irvine, CA
  • "We had 2 pin hole leaks within 1 year and heard horror stories from our neighbors about them having multiple. So we decided to have Nu Flow come in and Epoxy our pipes to protect us in the future from any more water damage. They were awesome! Francisco and his crew were great to work with and had everything done within a few days. For our home they used a new type of Epoxy that seals existing pin holes. So for our last leak we were able to have them just do the new type of Epoxy and it fixed everything!! :) That was awesome because we were able to save ourselves the headache of re-routing the pipes and all the damage to the walls etc. that would have come along with it. I highly recommend Nu Flow to everyone who lives in an area with pinhole leaks!"
    Monette P.
    Mission Viejo, CA

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