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Slab Water Leak Detection Made Simple

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Slab Water Leak Detection Made Simple

Do you suspect that you have a slab water leak, but you are not sure? Then you need to know how to determine if you have a leak so that you can get it fixed right way. There are a few simple ways to handle slab water leak detection.

Once you know these simple ways, you can easily determine if there is a leak. Getting it fixed right away if there is, is definitely smart so that it doesn’t get worse, or cost you a lot of money in the water it is leaking.

The following are the best ways to handle leak detection.

One: Watch for a high water bill – If you start noticing that you have a high water bill, this is a good indication that you have a leak. You will have to look around your home or business to determine where the leak is coming from, but this is a good first indicator that you have a leak somewhere.

Two: Water sound, but no water is running – When you can hear water trying to run through the pipes, but there is nothing coming out, this is a good indication that you have a leak in your slab. The water will be leaking out of the slab instead of coming out of the pipes like it is supposed to.

Three: Wet planters by your house – If you notice that your planters by your house are wet, or more so than usual, this will tell you if there is a leak.

Four: Warm spots on your floor – A good way to tell if there is a slab leak is to pay attention for warm spots on your floor.

Five: Wet flooring and baseboards – Watch for wet flooring and baseboards because this will definitely happen if there is a slab leak. If you notice small signs of this, then you can be confident that there is definitely a leak.

Six: Free inspection by a professional company – One of the most effective ways to determine if there is a leak is to have a free inspection done by a professional company that detects and repairs leaks in pipes.

They can come into your home or business, and perform a visual inspection, as well as a pressure test in your home or business. This will help them determine within minutes if there is a leak. From there they can repair the leak that is found to stop it from getting worse, and to stop it from costing your more money than it already has.

Now that you know how to handle slab water leak detection, all you have to do is pay attention, and if you notice any signs that there may be a leak, determine if there is for sure, and then do the smart thing and call a professional company to be sure, and to get it fixed quickly. The sooner you get it fixed the less problems you will have, and the less money it will cost you.

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