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Nu Flow Testimonials – Epoxy Pipe Coating

Ted B.
Laguna Niguel, CA

"When my wife and I experienced our first slab leak, we wasted no time in contacting Cameron Knight of Nu Flow OC. He explained the entire process of repairing our slab leak and relining our copper pipes with epoxy. He left no stone unturned and answered all our questions in detail.

I had always said that if we ever had a slab leak, I would take measures to prevent having more leaks in the future...and now that time had come. If we chose not to reline our pipes with epoxy, our only other option to prevent future leaks would have been to repipe our entire house. That process would have required cutting as many as 50 or more holes in our drywall that would have to be patched, texturized and repainted. Thanks but no thanks!

The Nu Flow crew members who repaired our leak and relined our pipes were outstanding. Their level of service was second to none. I would highly recommend Nu Flow OC to anyone seeking a long term solution to the problem of slab leaks. Frankly I cannot imagine another company providing us with the same optimum level of service that Nu Flow did."

Pete D.
Placentia, CA

"We just finished having our cooper pipes epoxy lined by Nu Flow after a pinhole leak damaged an area in our dressing room. Cameron came in to review with us what would be needed to complete the job and he spoke to us about how it would be accomplished in great detail, leaving us very secure that they knew what they were doing.

Francisco, Pablo and Javier were the technicians assigned to our home and they were the best working crew I have seen in some time. They did a supper great job of covering the areas they would walk on with heavy tarps and rubber pads at all the homes entry points and where the equipment would rest. They worked as a well disciplined team knowing what to do and minimized their steps to be most efficient to complete the work in the best time.

They left the house in as good or better condition than when they arrived. They also replace all the valves and supply lines for all faucets and toilets.

They accomplished all this while it was raining the whole time they were here. Great job and I would highly recommend them and Nu Flow to anyone I know. Thank you very much."

Bob H.
Mission Viejo

"After having 5 leaks in 28 months, the latest being a slab leak in Aug. 2016, and spending thousands of dollars in repair of pipes, walls and ceilings, I found that I needed a permanent solution. My city and the surrounding cities are plagued with pinhole and slab leaks. I decided to either repipe or epoxy coat the lining of the existing plumbing. To repipe the existing plumbing with PEX would require opening of the ceilings and walls of my house. I decided to have the plumbing epoxy lined because the process was noninvasive, i.e. no openings in walls or ceilings. I researched three companies that do epoxy coating and selected Nu Flow of Orange County. Nu Flow had the most experience and good references. Cameron Knight is the VP of Nu Flow, San Clemente. He gave me the assurances that the job would be done professionally. Because my house is 2 stories, with two and one half bathrooms, the job took 3 days to complete. The water was shut off during that period so I stayed at a local hotel. Francisco was the team leader during the epoxy coating process. The team was comprised of 4 men. Sean was the chief plumber. Being a retired engineer, I had several questions to ask about the process. Both Francisco and Sean were patient and friendly and answered my questions and updated me on what was happening. Tarp was placed throughout the house to protect carpet and tile. I am happy with the professional way the job was done and would recommend Nu Flow of Orange County to any homeowner who had plumbing problems….."

Monette P.
Mission Viejo, CA


"We had 2 pin hole leaks within 1 year and heard horror stories from our neighbors about them having multiple. So we decided to have Nu Flow come in and Epoxy our pipes to protect us in the future from any more water damage. They were awesome! Francisco and his crew were great to work with and had everything done within a few days. For our home they used a new type of Epoxy that seals existing pin holes. So for our last leak we were able to have them just do the new type of Epoxy and it fixed everything!! :) That was awesome because we were able to save ourselves the headache of re-routing the pipes and all the damage to the walls etc. that would have come along with it. I highly recommend Nu Flow to everyone who lives in an area with pinhole leaks!"

Serena B.
Irvine, CA

"We live in Irvine and many of the homes in our neighborhood have had leaks in their homes from the copper pipes. I did quite a bit of homework, re-pipe or use a system like Nu Flow provides. The thought of having 100+ drywall holes put throughout my house was just not up my alley when we could coat the pipes. Met with Cameron of Nu Flow and thought about it for several months. With our home warranty expiring I knew we had to do something. Went with the Nu Flow system in July. The team was so professional and it looked like they had never been there; so tidy. Definitely made the right decision. Highly recommend this company and this method."

Jackie S.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"Hi everyone, This is a little long of a review, but please read. First off let me tell you all that I am a worrywart, combined with being a clean freak, combined with entering menopause.......all this equals ONE NERVOUS WOMAN!!! LOL..... anyway, our whole townhome complex has homes that have had leaks. After having a few leaks ourselves, we decided we either needed to re-pipe with that pex piping or go with the epoxy coating. We did a lot of research, and talked to neighbors who did both. After talking to a neighbor with our same floor plan and finding out that the pex route they did resulted in 52 hole made in walls, garage and ceilings, we decided to go with the less invasive route. One neighbor used Nu Flow and loved them, and her son used them too and loved them, so we decided to give them a call. Cameron (vp of operations) came out to give us an estimate, and was very friendly and informative......he went over the whole process, and said it would take about a day and a half that we would be without water. The process in short terms is they cover all your floors, then turn off water, attach equipment to pipes, drain all water, kinda sand blast pipes to clean them out, and then the epoxy comes through, hot air comes through to start the drying process, and then it must dry overnight.....the next day they come out to check dryness of epoxy and if dry, start hooking things up, running water through the pipes to check flow and pressure. The crew of 3 guys we had were JAIME, JAVIER and IGNACIO......I cannot say enough good things about them. They knew what a overly clean person I am, and were so careful to cover all the floors, there literally was no mess. They also did an amazing job cleaning up after the job was done!!! Cameron was very nice and we are very happy we went with NU Flow. This company worked with my nervous worries and really were careful and clean. A day and half later, water was back on and our minds are at ease now, knowing the pipes are coated, and my husband, myself and the kids, all think the water is flowing better from the pipes than it did before the job. There is not one bad thing I can say about Nu Flow O.C. in San Clemente!!!"

Jill H.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"NuFlow to the rescue! So many of my neighbors had experienced 1, 2, or even 3 copper pipe leaks over the last year. I heard their stories about flooring and cabinets being ripped out and months of repair, but I didn't think much of it until it I suddenly stepped in a puddle of water that was bubbling up from underneath my kitchen floor! We shut off the water to the affected pipe and I started doing some research about what to do next. I live in a home with a post-tension slab. That means that it REALLY risky to cut into the slab to get to the leaky pipe, but it can be done if the homeowner is willing to take a big risk. Aside from the risk, if successful that expensive process would ONLY fix the one pipe. I felt like I was living in a ticking time-bomb, and just because one pipe is fixed, that doesn't mean it won't happen again. It was an awful feeling. I looked into re-piping the house. Talk about invasive! Who wants holes punched into their walls that have to be fixed and painted? Not me. I then looked into epoxy and did my homework. It was no more costly than re-piping, but not a single hole had to be cut and it was done in a couple of days rather than weeks. They do the process through the entry ports - sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc... I called and set up an interview with 3 different epoxy companies. The choice was clear - Nu Flow OC. Cameron answered all of my questions with ease, compassion for what I was going thru and was able to accommodate my timing needs. Francisco and the team were on time, tidy, and efficient. They worked well together and I felt very at ease with them roaming through my house. The job was completed in the timeframe set, and they even found another leak I didn't even know about yet! I sleep better at night knowing that I won't wake up to puddles on my floor and I know that I have made an investment into my home that I will get back If I ever want to sell my house. I really wish I had done this BEFORE my leak. Call Nu Flow OC. You'll be glad you did."

Ashley S.
San Clemente, CA

"I live in a community that is plagued with pinhole leaks. Some of my neighbors have had 5 pinhole leaks within 5 years! I knew I needed to protect my home before I had a leak, and so I called Nu Flow to get an estimate. Cameron from Nu Flow came out to provide an estimate and was very informative. We felt very confident in what his company had to offer, so we signed up! I'm glad we did! It was just as Cameron described: Francisco and his team were professional, clean, polite and completed my home in only 1.5 days! We couldn't be happier! Thank you Nu Flow!!"

M. Feinberg
San Clemente, CA

"When a copper pipe unexpectedly burst in our home last month, it caused instant and measurable damage. Stories of ‘pinhole’ leaks in copper pipes seem to be a very real issue in California and we were terrified to think what might happen to our recently purchased home. The guys at NuFlow came in with a speed and professionalism that could be felt right away. We were given clear and understandable advice about how epoxy treatment works and how it will prevent certain and extremely costly future problems. The team from NuFlow was polite, knowledgeable, and respectful – we knew we were in good hands. Once they completed the job, it was as if nothing had ever happened. Our sinks and water features work better than ever before and there isn’t even a trace of evidence that workers were in our home. Above all, we feel reassured that our most precious assets are now protected. We’d recommend NuFlow to anyone living in an area that’s at risk of pinhole leaks! Thank you NuFlow!!!"

T. Hutchinson
Irvine, CA

"We just wanted to say thanks again for such a great experience from NuFlow. From our first meeting with you to the final walk thru, everything went as promised. You were professional and clear with your initial presentation, your crew showed up on time for the scheduled work days and they were polite to us and respectful of our home. There was no damage to our home once your work was done. Most importantly we sleep better at night knowing we no longer need to worry about pinhole leaks in our pipes! We could not have been more pleased!"

L. Kranser
Dana Point, CA

"We definitely would recommend your services to any friends and neighbors who experience pinhole leaks in their water lines. Your crew was extremely clean and considerate of our home, friendly during the four days that we shared our space with them and very technically competent in the performance of their work. We have had many workmen in our home over the years but none were as careful as Ignacio and his team of technicians. They did all sorts of considerate little things – from closing doors quietly so as not to disturb us when we were in the house, to carefully explaining the epoxy coating process, to sweeping our garage floor after they removed their equipment. One of our neighbors commented, after driving past the house, on how neatly they appeared to be working based on what she could see of their setup from the street. They were committed to giving us a good epoxy pipe coating job even when this required extra effort on their part to work around anomalies in our 40-year old water system. We appreciate that quality in your company."

Ron R.
La Palma, CA

"Let me start out by saying that we just had our pipes coated last week - so we don't know yet if this process works - ask me again in about 20 years.

There have been a lot of pinhole leaks in our area so we were afraid of what could happen. We contacted four companies that do this type of work. Their estimates varied from $4800 to $6400 (our home is relatively small - 1300 square feet). Nu Flow wasn't the cheapest (though it was close) but the reviews of the cheapest one scared me. I did a virtual (over the phone) walkthrough with Cameron followed by his coming out to our place. Both estimates were essentially the same. One is charged a base rate (about $525 for us) and by the number of fixtures (water outlets, eg: one for the toilet, two (hot and cold) for the sink, one for the water heater, two (hot and cold) for the washing machine, one for the ice-maker, etc.), currently $255/fixture. Cameron answered all our questions and we scheduled for the following week.

It took one day for Ignacio and his efficient crew to do the work. We were able to stay in the house though the water was off. The next day (after the epoxy dried) they tested everything, did a good job of cleaning up after themselves and the water was on by noon. They replaced the connections from the pipes to the fixtures - I don't know if they always do this as we hadn't been told ahead of time - but we were not charged anything extra for them.

They provide a ten year warranty for the pipes but the warranty does not seem to cover any damage caused by the pipes.

All in all, we had a good experience with Nu Flow and would recommend them."

Adrian L.
San Clemente, CA

"I am V.P. of Operations for a general contractor that performs warranty repairs for new home builders. We have used and referred Nu-Flow to our clients and they have made us shine with their performance and overall professional manner in executing the epoxy coating process. Our clients are of the biggest home builders in the nation and I have no reservations in recommending Nu-Flow."

Rich M.
Mission Viejo, CA

"A slab leak is never a great experience but Nuflow did an amazing job on my home and made the experience as positive as possible. Cameron promised to be at my home by 8AM and he was there exactly on time. He walked me through the scope of work and answered all of my questions. The crew showed up at my house the very next day to begin the job. They were polite, and very respectful to me and my family. I was told the job would be done a certain day by 2PM and to my surprise, we completed final sign off at 130! They left my home clean as if no work had even been done. I highly recommend Nuflow and their team of professionals."

Rick H.
Laguna Niguel, CA

"First of all, like many other homeowners in South Orange County,we live in a community that
is plagued with pin hole leaks of all kinds.
When we discovered excessive water forming near the side and rear of our home we immediately thought it was water from our outdoor sprinkler system. After ruling out this possible cause we then contacted NuFlow in San Clemente to investigate a possible slap leak..
However, prior to calling NuFlow I had investigated and interviewed other epoxy companies based on neighborhood testimonials and reviews.
Myself and my wife had the VP of Operations, Cameron Knight come to our home for an in depth interview and explanation of the process and procedure that NuFlow uses as compared to the other companies (we also had the other companies come out as well).
At this time we made a decision to have the entire home go through the epoxy lining in order to avoid any future problems.
We decided on Nuflow based of their process and procedure. They were priced competitively but also worked with us in other areas of cost, such as new shower and tub inserts.
The crew was great ! The Team Leader, Ognacio Villanueva went in depth with us at each step of the process..Other members of the team included Francisco,Andy,Jaime,Javier and Delfino.
They were great in covering all areas , making sure each line and connection was perfect.
They also enabled us to stay in our home by hooking up a water line to our downstairs sink and toilet.
The entire procedure took four days as we were told it would take. They cleaned everything up to it's original condition and made sure all lines were working properly.
Everything seems to working just fine and my wife and I do not have to worry anymore about any future pin holes leaks occurring."